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What we offer

Simple, practical driving exercises
suitable for you to pass your driving test

What you get

  • a 97% chance of passing the driving test
  • 24 exercises related to the driving test
  • 2 minutes per exercise, each explained in simple terms
  • exercises are suitable for any type of vehicle size
  • tuition from an international driving instructor and driving examiner

What is e-driver training?

E-driver training is an online driving school with 24 compact video tutorials on all topics relevant to passing your driving test.

Here you will learn, in a short period of time, how to safely drive a vehicle with automatic transmission. This approach is ideal for learner drivers at all levels.

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Training description

There are 24 driving exercises that are crucial for you to pass your driving test. In the video tutorials you will learn from your experienced driving instructor, Juan. He will teach you how to apply the exercises when you are practising your driving skills.

Hand a tablet to your passenger and let them guide you. Thanks to Juan’s tutorials, you will be able to set the correct focus. With this approach, you will learn in a shorter period of time, and up until you go for your driving test, the essentials of becoming a safe driver. The online driving school is not only about imparting knowledge, but its building blocks allow you to practise safe driving under supervision, whenever you have time.

Your driving instructor, Juan

I have many years of experience as a qualified Driving Instructor and Advanced Driving Instructor both in Australia and Switzerland. The exercises focus on the correct handling of a vehicle which involves the same skills and methods in every country. These exercises have been put together according to a tried and tested method and optimised so that they are easy to implement. And, it was worth it: with this method, 97% of all learner drivers pass their driving test on their first attempt!

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Your driving training

The 24 most important driving exercises

01.Checking the engine compartment
02.Checking the tyres
03.Checking the vehicle’s interior
04.Seat position and the rear-view mirrors
05.Learning the most common manoeuvres
06.Learning advanced steering manoeuvres
08.Emergency braking
09.Lane driving
12.Mastering a junction
13.Turning the vehicle (part 1)
14.Turning the vehicle (part 2)
15.Stopping to go shopping (part 1)
16.Stopping to go shopping (part 2)
17.Mastering a roundabout
18.Parking on an incline/decline
19.Parallel parking
20.Forward parking
21.Reverse parking
22.Merging into traffic
23.Driving on a motorway
24.Driving at night


Everything you need to know

E-driver training is the only platform where you will find all exercises relevant for the driving test in one place, and all for the unbeatable price of CHF 97. This way, you have your own driving instructor at your fingertips 24/7, for a one-off payment.

In order to practise the lessons, you require a learner’s driving permit and an accompanying driver, as per local legislation. It is also recommended that you have knowledge of the local road traffic rules.

Only 60-65% of learner drivers pass the practical driving test on their first attempt. With e-driver training, you will increase your chances to up to 97%.

You will save time and money. You can also choose the timing of your lessons and will therefore be able to have more fun with practising your driving. Thanks to the simple explanation of each lesson, the modular method of learning, and the clear structure, you will see an immediate improvement in your progress and you will considerably increase your chances of passing your driving test.

It is suitable for learners at all levels, so it doesn’t matter whether you have no practical driving experience or whether you have already started to drive. E-driver training allows you to solidify your driving techniques thanks to its individual lessons.

It is also very suitable for accompanying drivers who require assistance on how to best impart their experience to learner drivers.

This varies from country to country. For example, in most English speaking countries, driving lessons are not mandatory, whereas in Germany or Austria minimum driving lessons are required. Please enquire with the appropriate authorities in your country.

On average, you will need 30 driving lessons to pass your practical driving test. Thanks to e-driver training, you will be able to considerably reduce the number of driving lessons, because the video tutorials enable you to practise privately. Under Juan’s guidance, you and your accompanying driver will know exactly what to focus on and you will be able to practise for the practical driving test efficiently.

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