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What’s the right tire pressure?

What’s the right tire pressure?

In this video, you’ll learn what the recommended tire pressure is for different road and off-road conditions.

Driving with the right tire pressure in changing conditions are crucial for safe ecological driving, and will extend the tires life time.

Warm or hot tires: pressure on placard + 4 psi
Economic driving: pressure on placard + 2 psi
Spare wheel: 50 psi (check it twice per year)
Gravel road: – 6 psi, if standard pressure is 36-40 psi, minimum 30 psi
Gravel road: – 6 psi, if standard pressure is 32-35 psi, minimum >27 psi
Rocky terrain: 30 psi
Mud or clay: 25 psi
Soft sand: 20 psi (12-20 psi)

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